About NWD

History of the Norridgewock Water District

The Norridgewock Water District was incorporated in 1953 and construction began in June 1954 on the lower end of Waterville Hill Rd.  A.P. Wyman, Inc. was the construction company that installed the initial 32,554 feet of distribution mains (30,324’ of transite pipe and 2,230’ of cast iron pipe), public hydrants, and services.  The Pittsburg-Des Moines Company built the standpipe (water tower).  During this time an 84’ deep gravel-packed well was under construction, along with the pumping station and equipment.

Initially installed were 114 residential services supplying water to 137 customers, 24 commercial services, 2 industrial services, 3 public authority (governmental) services, and 1 service for private fire protection.  There were 33 public fire hydrants and 2 private fire hydrants.   All of these customers were receiving public water by January 1955.

Over subsequent years residential, commercial, and public authority services were added, as well as public fire hydrants.   As of December 2020 there are 377 active residential services (vacant properties not included), 31 commercial services (vacant properties not included), 2 industrial services, 9 public authority services, 2 private fire protection services (sprinkler systems), 53 public and 8 private fire hydrants.   There are 3 seasonal faucet services that are not being used at this time.