Water Meter Upgrade

Meter Replacement Upgrade Program:

Many meters in the system are now at or beyond the recommended usable life of a water meter.  A few years ago our Board of Trustees implemented a program to start replacing (upgrading) up to 50 meters per year.  Once all meters have been upgraded, our system will have only electronic meters.  The new meter replacements are necessary.  This is a Federal regulation that governs the amount of lead that can be in the brass bodies of the meters.  The District will also be able to get a lot more information from the new meters.  This will help customers with problems such as high water usage and undetected leaks.

A total of approximately 420 water meters will have been replaced throughout the entire system once this process is completed.  There is no charge to the customer to have the meter changed as an upgrade.  A district operator is performing the installations.  If no one is home, a notice will be hung on the door asking the customer to contact the water district office to set up an appointment to do the change-out.  If the office doesn’t receive a call within a reasonable amount of time, a letter will be sent out requesting an appointment be set up.  The average time to replace a meter is about 30 minutes.  Failure to allow NWD staff to inspect/upgrade equipment may result in a disconnect notice.  For any questions about this project, you can reach the Norridgewock Water District office at 634-2660 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday or Thursday – or you may email office staff using the links on this website (click the envelope on the lower left of the page).  You may also contact our superintendent Dave Jones at 474-1035. 

Due to supply shortages, we are currently only replacing meters with issues.  Once the supply chain is back to normal, we will resume our regular change-out routine.