Payments may be made by mail, in person at the office, left in our office drop slot, paid at Dave’s Service (on Wade St), or online. 

Our billing due date always falls on a Wednesday by 1pm (the date is posted on your bill).  Our payment arrangement due dates are always expected to be paid by 1pm to avoid a 3-day disconnect notice.  Our disconnect notice due dates are also expected to be paid by 1pm on the shut off date to avoid a collection trip fee or being shut off. 

We accept cash, checks and money orders.  Please note that if you write a check that is returned for Non-Sufficient Funds, we may no longer accept your checks.

If you cannot make your payment in full, please call or email to negotiate a payment arrangement.  All payment arrangements must be paid in full by the next billing cycle, so contact our office as soon as you know you will need one.  (NOTE:  A post-dated check is considered a payment arrangement.  If you are on a disconnect list and want to pay with a post-dated check, you must check with our office first.)

Please don’t pay your sewer bill at our office.  We are not a Town department and are not affiliated with the Sewer Department.  We cannot guarantee your sewer payment will get to the Town office by the due date.