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Water Quality Reports

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Our Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report):

The Consumer Confidence Rules requires public water suppliers that serve the same people year-round (community water systems) to provide Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) to their customers.  These reports are also known as Annual Water Quality Reports or Drinking Water Quality Reports.  Customers of the Norridgewock Water District receive these reports with their spring bill.  The current CCR is posted in our office window (changed out in April once results are released from the state).  Copies are also available for the general public at our office.

The annual Consumer Confidence Report of the Norridgewock Water District summarizes the testing we perform on your drinking water, offers additional information on lead in drinking water (there is no lead in our water or distribution system), and lists any detected contaminants.

Read the Annual Water Quality Reports Below:

2022 CCR for customers

2021 CCR for customers

2020 CCR for customers

2019 CCR for customers